Thursday, March 31, 2011

Need To Shrink? Cut Out The Exercise, Increase The Brownie Input

This post was supposed to have gone up yesterday instead of the last one. 

So this morning I put my pants on and they were tighter than ever. I have been riding my bike to work--not the 15 miles I claimed last week but the actual 18 miles it truly is. So why are my pants so stinking tight after all this aerobic pedaling I'm doing? My guess is that with the extreme exercise I'm putting out, my muscles are expanding. Right now I'm thinking if I quit exercising, I should be able to slip into my jeans easier.

We had a young couple with some kids over last night for dinner and Family Home Evening (a Monday night Mormon thing that helps families keep it together). My wife had mixed up a bunch of brownies, some with nuts and some without. She was doing the government thing and trying to keep everybody happy.

So this morning after breakfast I figured I should celebrate my end of exercising. I got out a box of sherbet and spent 10 minutes looking for the plate of brownies Michele had hidden. I finally found them under the sink.

I was just going to have one but found that the biggest brownie on the plate was nut less. This was not a good situation since I just have to have nuts in my brownies. I just should have thrown it away but after looking at it for a second, I finished it off and then kept looking for one with nuts. I didn't find one with the desired crunchy morsels until the fifth try. By that time, there were only three left. I figured there wasn't enough to save for another meal so they went down the hatch too. By that time I didn't care whether they had nuts or not.

With each brownie I snarfed, several spoons of sherbet were needed to help the brownie find its way down the tube. By the time I finished the brownies, there was only about half of the half gallon of sherbet left so I took care of that the same way I handled the extra brownies. I guess you could say I hate leftovers.

Now I can go to work. I'm taking the pickup today since I just swore off the bicycle regimen.

If anyone has any suggestions on how I can further improve my diet and weight loss, please let me know.


ginny said...

This is terrible--especially since we just found out Glenn has diabetes and he can't even have one brownie.

Carylee said...

One good thing is Sherbet has not fat!! So it is kind of like diet food right?