Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood is us.

Sorry. I have to vent.

Every day when I open the newspaper I get another unwelcome surprise from the nation that George Washington is rolling over in his grave about.

From small community matters to huge national issues, the legal beagles of the left and even sometimes the right are determined to do away with common sense and values that initially made this country great.

This morning my paper said Oregon was considering a bill that would allow people to shoot a wolf that was attacking them. Apparently at the present, when a full-sized wolf is charging you with open mouth and dripping saliva, all you can legally do is to lay down your rifle and say something like "Why grandma, what big teeth you have. Have a nice meal on me!"

If by chance you decide to protect yourself and fire off a shot, the state and federal government will slice you up and have you for dinner. This will admittedly be slower than the wolf attack but guaranteed to be a much more painful process.


There's a guy from our area who's been sitting in jail for the last 8 years. He decided it was time to get out so he appealed to the powers that be and they kinda agreed with him. To avoid a public outcry, they decided they would give him a new trial, courtesy of the tax base and give him a chance with a new jury instead of the old jury that thought he should be put away for 25 years.

The reason they're giving him a new trial? The sentence he is serving is too harsh.

So you might ask what did he do? He killed his girlfriend. By accident according to him and his lawyers.

So you might ask how did he kill her? By hitting, kicking and stomping on her. This was also by accident, I guess.

So you might ask how many times did he hit and kick her? Over 100 times according to the autopsy and police reports. She had severe head injuries and internal bleeding. Each injury was, you guessed it, inflicted by accident.

What was that old jury thinking 8 years ago?! Why were they so hard on him? Don't they know an accident when they see one? One can readily see the average person sitting on a jury is not nearly as smart as appellate judges.

So now the guy's getting a new trial. I don't know who paid for the psychologist to testify for him but I'm sure it was also the taxpayer. Only in the USA's legal system could they find a shrink who would try to spring a guy like this loose.

I think when a educated expert gets up and testifies that a guy such as this is really just fine and therefore should be released into society, they should make the con live with the doc for the next year or two. Maybe there would be a little less psycho-babble testimony from these so-called experts. I think there would also be a few less head shrinkers due to attrition from their roommates.

The shrink said that the perp shouldn't be held accountable because he was drunk and therefore unaware what he was doing. He also said his client was suffering from post traumatic stress disorder. So what brought the PTS on?

Simple. He shot his sister.

He then went on to say he didn't think the guy really meant to kill his girlfriend because he was crying real tears after the cops caught him. My guess is that he coughed up the tears because he knew it would eventually look good to a jury and also he was sad because he would be serving some time. 

I guess I'm just not kindhearted enough but when I hear stories like this, I want to go postal. A guy shoots his sister, gets drunk, whacks the gal friend with fatal blows 100 times over and then spends taxpayer money for a jailbreak.

Sometimes I yearn for a return to the law of Moses.

And now listen to this. Guess what the guys last name is? Pleasant. Usually oxy-morons have two words. He only needs one.

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Lynn said...

Gee Ben, don't you know our society is bent on protecting the rights of the criminal and forget the rights of the victim. It has been moving that direction for many years now.