Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Time To Catch Up, A Time To Fall Back

I need to take a breather. It's 2:30 in the morning and time to regroup. Before I start, I must thank all the people who have been logging on to this thing. The number of hits has been surprisingly large and incomprehensible to a feeble little mind such as the one I own. I wasn't expecting any kind of a response like this. Thanks!

As with most things I do, this blog has taken over my life and my short attention span. Last night at dinner, 3 times during the course of the meal I hungrily asked "Could you please pass the blog?" During my prayers, twice I had to get up and run in to see if I had any more hits online.

As soon as my wife finished doing the dishes, she came in and wanted to use the computer. Said something about surfing the web to look for a 12-step program for out-of-control blog authors.

I said "Sorry, you'll have to wait until there's at least a 10-minute delay between hits on my blog.

Oh! There's another one! Come back later, honey."

She then uncharacteristically put her face right between me and my computer screen and emphatically stated that it was too bad 32 years of marriage was going to have to end because of a stupid blog. I politely asked her to move a little to the right so I could check my ad clicks.

She didn't give me any trouble after that.

It was a little later last night that I realized I might need to reevaluate the post editing features...o0ps,... I mean my life and marriage. It was about the same time that I realized our bedroom door was locked. I slept on the couch until 10 minutes ago.

I believe it's time to reign in the newly spawned obsessive-compulsive disorder that has pulled into town. And you, as my reader, can be of some help. I am going to list some points and questions about this blog. I would greatly appreciate any comments from you concerning my concerns. Your responses will help me formulate just how much time I should spend on this site. They will also give me a compass heading as to which direction I should herd this wagon train.

  • I've got hundreds of posts already written concerning stories of my past life. I don't want to share them all in the first week as the readers would be overwhelmed and I would be out of ammunition. How many times a week should I post a historical essay like the first couple of experiences (the Gorge trip and the plane trip) on this site? It needs to be said that they're not all as good as those two incidents but do involve cops, crashed airplanes, broken romances, near-death experiences, half-million dollar business deals gone awry...mostly trivial stuff. It is essential note that I will preface absolutely true stories with the statement that they are absolutely true. I don't want the reader thinking that actual historical events didn't really happen. On the other hand, my daily ramblings might contain some fabrications for filler and entertainment value.
  • My last couple of posts have been little editorial tidbits that may or may not have redeeming value. Should I break up my historical exposes' with random personal meanderings that have or may not have happened? I don't know if they have any value to you the reader. I need to hear from y'all just how often I should hop on and off this buckin' bronco called Risky Business. Do you need a post a day? Every other day? Or would once a week suffice?
  • I'm thinking some of my stories are too long for one sitting. Case in point, the Gorge story. After this, if there's any particularly long posts, I'll break up that experience into several different days.
  • Should I intersperse my actual history with fictional happenings. I personally find it a kick in the pants to use illogical and semi-illiterate exaggerations once in a while.
  • Do you want more or fewer pictures?

So what do you think? Should I keep going? Should I talk about whatever comes to mind? I need to hear from you. Thanks for all the nice comments that you've posted here and on Facebook.

I quit my day job yesterday so these ad clicks mean alot to me. Yesterday alone brought me $2.32! If I am able to keep up at this pace, by this time next year, I'll have pulled in over $846! We're talking some serious money here and it doesn't cost me a thing! Of course, I've averaged 16 hours a day in writing time so that's only fourteen and a half cents per hour, but hey, it could be worse. I've had a lot of businesses that did nothing but generate red ink. So far, I'm in the black!

Sorry about this entertainmentless post. However, it needed to be said and I figured it would be best to have some direction before too many wordy and unwanted submissions were inserted herein.

So to recap, your comments will give me direction.

Last point. Refer a friend or two to this blog. I was figuring it up and if every current reader referred two friends here and the next day, those two friends told two of their friends, in about a week I would have an organization like Amway. However, on the down side, the SEC would be investigating me as a pyramid scheme and I would probably end up as a cellmate with Bernie Madoff.

Maybe we should just keep this thing quiet.


Chelsea said...

Wow, you are out of control. Then again that's why I told you to start a blog. I like pictures, and I like your idea to do a couple of stories a week. I also like the editorial pieces. You need to contact companies to advertise on your blog. That is how you will make the most money.

jen and nolan said...

I completely agree with Chelsea. I am too busy to read a daily post. Once or twice a week will keep us plenty entertained and that way you can make the posts really "juicy"! :) Anyone that REALLY knows you Ben, knows that your stories are completely true. No one in their right mind would ever do those crazy things...but we can totally see you doing them!!! LOL

brent said...

One great post a week like the one about the Gorge would be amazing. I'd have a hard time keeping up with much more than that but please keep the material coming.

Diana said...

We're all enjoying the blog! Thanks for writing. You remind me a lot of Patrick McMannus!

Lance said...

Ben. A lot of people put blogs they follow on a reader that will notify them if a new post is up. That really helps. The downside to that is if you see 6 or 7 unread posts it may feel too daunting because they're so far behind. Personally, I could read your stuff all day. But I suggest one rambling/editorial and one story (or portion of a story) per week.

Phil and Holly said...

To confirm what Lance said, I see on my Google Reader that there are 5 new posts on your blog, and knowing that you are rarely brief, I wondered if I would ever catch up.. Great read, but I really only get around to blog catch-up once, at most twice a week.. So I too vote for a weekly post.

stokermw said...

Hey Ben,

Like others, I would suggest one long (historical) post a week should be plenty. As for the short, quirky, commentary, post as often as you feel inclined. After all, that's what a blog is for, but don't overdo it. Michelle is a Saint, but you still shouldn't push her over the edge!

As for making $0.14/hr, isn't that about what you paid me working at the Tire Shop? Oh well, I guess it's probably about what I was worth, especially after giving away all of that free twine! (LOL)

It's good to hear about your adventures and reminisce about Basin City. Keep it up.


Brian and Jennifer said...

I'd actually like to sit and have these stories told to me in person. It's entertaining to read, but can only imagine what it would be like, if you were telling them. Better yet, I'd love to be the person following you around, watching this all in person. But my opinion is like most the others. One or two a week. I wouldn't be able to keep up otherwise! Thanks for keeping me laughing!