Saturday, January 1, 2011

Close Calls (Near Death Experiences)

This blog is a newborn babe. Close brushes with death will be shared as the posts tally up. The following true experiences will be shared as the entries climb...

  • 25 broken bones sprinkled through time
  • 1 head injury/coma, a compound fracture and several other broken bones from riding a bicycle- all precipitated by having a head-on collision with some missionaries in a car coming the other way. This was my first really direct contact with the Mormon Elders
  • 3 knee operations
  •  shattered elbow 
  •  near drowning as a 5 year-old
  •  airplane wreck plus 6 or 8 other very close calls while flying
  •  incident with a rear tractor tire running over my feet, legs, body and head on a ditch road
  •  car wreck involving an exciting police chase with the car eventually flying off the top of an overpass
  • "Look ma, no hands!" bicycle wreck tearing down a graveled hill--hamburgered knees and hands plus  large blood clot
  • Ordered a new Corvette from the factory and bought 2 airplanes without telling my wife. The incidents in this particular category were probably the closest NDE's I've had.
Because of the head injury, I'm having trouble remembering other incidents but I'm sure there are some.  Stay tuned for the excitement! Hook up as a Follower so you don't miss the fun posts!

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